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Troy Resort & Spa

We comprehend the significance of making neighborhoods where all conveniences are inside simple reach, and which include huge breadths of green and outdoors offices.

Expanding upon this vision, we included conveniences that would make life more straightforward for occupied families searching out a happy with residing climate, where all that they might require is accessible readily available. We added different administrations and lodging style capabilities and, soon enough, we had made a totally new way of life idea.

Our ‘city inside a city’ was conceived.

Area was a critical element, given the size and usefulness of the complex. Delightful, clean environmental factors and a nearness to the island’s well known brilliant shorelines were fundamental. We likewise demanded simple admittance to both the motorway and the downtown area, as well as significant milestones and the Larnaca Airport. After cautious area exploring, we settled on the town of Pyla, dazzled by dynamic energy would impeccably supplement our undertaking.

We selected a traditional design style to honor the island’s rich history that is well established in Ancient Greek folklore, with the expansion of current twists. Where potential, we utilized regular materials, including wood, rusted metal, concrete and stone, to make different surfaces and tints.

Propelled by the vivid fantasies and legends of Ancient Greece, we named our undertaking TROY, representing a stronghold of extreme security and insurance. Our logo, including the outline of the renowned pony, underlines both opportunity and respectability.

In this scaled down town, all conveniences are inside strolling distance. Occupants can zoom down the lift for a comfortable walk around the recreation area, a poolside espresso, or a find companions at the porch bar. Furthermore, following a difficult day at work, they can work off that overabundance energy at the exercise center, or loosen up at the spa. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable, and – above all – close by. Concerning travelers, they can partake in the protection of their own home with the solaces that accompany remaining at a five-star lodging.




Floor Plan

APARTMENTS - 4th floor

Option A

  • Studio | L1 44.3 m2
  • Studio | L 49.3 m2
  • 2+1 | C 89.3 m2
  • 1+1 | R 63.3 m2

APARTMENTS - 1st-2nd floor

Option B

  • Studio | L2 44.3 m2
  • Studio | L1 49.3 m2
  • 1+1 | C 62.3 m2
  • Studio | R1 49.3 m2
  • Studio | R2 44.3 m2

APARTMENTS - 3rd floor

Option C

  • 1+1 | L 63.3 m2
  • 1+1 | C 62.3 m2
  • 1+1 | R 62.3 m2
  • 1+1 | R1 63.3 m2

These lofts are likewise an incredible choice for anybody looking for an exceptionally searched after spot to rent out.

All things considered, Troy Resort and Spa was made in view of the necessities of regular individuals. Individuals like you.