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Caesar Cliff

Caesar Cliff is located in Esentepe village Kyrenia. The climate is typical to Mediterranean weather, due to the sea breeze and pine forests the summer season is very mild as well as the winter.

Located only 100 meters away from the well-equipped beach, surrounded by breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea and Mountains, Caesar Cliff is the perfect place to live a peaceful life or just to enjoy a vacation.

Caesar Cliff offers variety of apartments and villas with a possible additional rooftop access.

Address: Caesar Cliff, Esentepe, Kyrenia, North Cyprus





  • Gym / Outdoor Sport Ground
  • Indoor & Outdoor Pools
  • Kids Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • E-Bicycle Road
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • BBQ Areas
  • Beach Bar
  • Mini Golf
  • Sauna
  • Bar



  • 26 km drive to Kyrenia, the city center
  • 7 km drive to Golf area, the biggest in Cyprus
  • 46 km drive to Ercan Airport
  • 32 km drive to Beshparmak Mountains
  • 55 km drive to Famagusta, ancient city
  • 5 km drive to Turtle Bay Beach
  • 56 km drive to Lefkosha, the capital
  • 5 km from Esentepe village

Apartment types

All apartments have PVC double glazed windows, sewage systems, water heating system (boiler), ceramic flooring, electrical / TV / Internet points, the kitchen is equipped with worktop with a choice of colors, cabinets, stainless steel sink, all plumbing included (pipes/faucets), bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink and mirror, shower walls and floors of ceramic.

Property types:

Studio apartment
Studio apartment
Studio apartment
Semi-detached villa
Ground floor
Semi-detached villa
1st floor
Semi-detached villa